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The EatSeekTravel team is laying low for a couple of weeks in Yorkshire, UK. We hope to have some new content appearing soon 🙂 In the mean time, have a safe and happy Christmas and wonderful New Year celebrations!

Ger Camps – Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

Ger Camp

Mongolia has a rising population of almost 2.8 million people, 1.1 million of which live in the city’s capital Ulaanbaatar. A beautiful city surrounded by mountains that remind you with their imposing magnificence of where you are in the world. Despite its remoteness, Ulaanbaatar has become a humming and fashionable city with a rather surprising number of shopping centres, excellent restaurants and tasty bakeries. Continue reading

Starting a travel wish list? Check out this Eat. Seek. Travel. compilation!


Eat. Seek. Travel. is made up of two individuals: Ali (that’s me!) and Justin. Justin is the man behind the wonderful images we adorn our posts with, while I takes care of the writing (most of the time).

However, I had been feeling a lack of creative spark lately, so set to work on a project I’ve had in mind for a while: compiling all the videos I had taken since the start of the trip into one neat little package. Once I got this underway and paired the film with the song that had inspired me to start videoing in the first place, I felt my creative spark ignite. The project took on a life of its own, much to my delight.

I learnt a lot throughout the whole process, from ensuring I clean the lens of dried sea salt, to keeping the camera steady, using stabilisation when editing and using beat markers to name a few. It’s all new fangled information to me, but it’s exciting information. My only wish was that I had recorded more video. This we hope to rectify however, in order to bring some more stunning images from the world to you.

We have two very exciting trips coming up in the next few months, so we hope you enjoy this video and keep an eye out for our future compilations.

Eat. Seek. Travel.

Leipzig: Exploration by imagery

Leipzig was a fantastic experience and a real surprise. A little off the beaten track, this town should not be ignored if you are travelling in Germany. It is a great stopover between Berlin and Nurnberg. Here are some pics below.

For more of my travel photography, check out

Eat. Seek. Travel.

12 Tips for travelling the Trans-Mongolian Rail

The Trans-Mongolian Rail, similar to the Trans-Siberian Rail (only different by the route they take) is an absolute adventure. The scenery is epic. You’ll observe changing landscapes, cultures, languages, cross seven time-zones, in only a matter of days.

Here are twelve tips we picked up on our journey: Continue reading

When in Laos… A post about being a respectful tourist.

So far on this journey, and especially through Southeast Asia we have had lessons in culture. In being aware of it, mindful of it, conscience of it. Some of the time we have been lucky enough to have a diligent tour guide from the local community to fill us in on how to dress, and what kind of actions can be considered disrespectful by locals.

Being a respectful tourist is something that we care about. Continue reading

Penang Island, Malaysia

Penang Island is located off the West coast of Malaysia and is part of the larger state of Penang that also includes Butterworth on mainland Malaysia. Penang is home to beautiful ocean waters, delicious street food and a vibrant mix of colonial architecture with well-preserved historical landmarks. Continue reading