Ali & JustinHi, we are Justin and Ali, two Australians in their mid-twenties on a journey.

Eat – Represents our love of food, and the connection between food, culture and people. Food is something that binds us all, not because we all eat, but because it brings people together. Food awakens our senses. Food brings us to life in many ways, yet in the chaos of today we stop eating to enjoy it and just do it for existence. We want to taste life of the world.

Seek – Is our desire to feel insignificant. We want to be stunned by something bigger than ourselves. To be awed, to be consumed by something beautiful, something impossible, rich in history, drenched in life. We seek to be taken out of our comfort zone, off the beaten track, to be inspired and humbled by the enormity of the world and feel truly blessed to be a part of it.

Travel – As we go from place to place, traversing across lakes and rivers, borders and continents, we want to take you with us. Share our experiences, share the things we learn along the way.

Photos by Justin
Words by Ali