5 Must Have Gadgets for Travel


Whether it’s a short trip for a couple of days, or a long adventure coming up, here’s five gadgets we’ve found most useful in our travels around the world.

1. Smartphone -(Android or iOS) SmartphoneOK so this one is a bit of a no-brainer these days, but in my opinion one of the most important. If you are considering heading overseas and leaving your smartphone behind, don’t. Your smartphone will be one of your best friends. From electronic tickets and hotel bookings, to offline maps with your precise location, your smartphone can be an absolute life saver. If you’re worried about your precious new iPhone being stolen, then do yourself a favour and buy a cheap Android smartphone that can accomplish everything you need for around $200.

Another gadget to go hand in hand with your smartphone is a battery case or portable battery. Far too often have we been in situations where our phone has run out of juice (long flights, overnight trains – the list goes on). A battery case can give your smartphone a couple of days extra charge depending on the size you get.

Also see our list of must-have list of apps for your smartphone.

2. Power Board (& Travel Adaptor)PowerboardThe travel power adaptor is also a no-brainer when heading overseas, but having a power board might not cross your mind due to the space they take up. We travelled for over two months with just travel adaptors until I picked up a cheap power board in Er-Lian (the China/Mongolia border town). This power board is fantastic for travel and has multiple socket types and a nice long cable.

You should go one better however and pick up a power board with inbuilt USB charging ports which will save you a lot of hassle when you need to charge multiple devices/phones.

3. Camera with GPSNikon AW110Get yourself a nice rugged Point & Shoot camera. We’ve got the Nikon AW110 which has been fantastic, but Canon and some other brands all have similar models. Our particular model is waterproof, shockproof and has inbuilt GPS with Track Log, compass and world Map. Couple that with 16MP stills and full HD video recording and you’ve got yourself a mean little camera. My favourite thing about this camera has got to be the GPS. There’s nothing like being able to look at your photos and see exactly where in the world they were taken. Couple that with a map and you’ve got a great visual idea of where you’ve been in the world!

4. Pocket Knife (with bottle opener/corkscrew)knifeGet yourself a nice pocket knife such as a Victorinox or cheaper alternative with a good blade and bottle opener/corkscrew. If you don’t drink wine, then maybe you don’t need the corkscrew.

A small knife is a great tool to carry with you when exploring anywhere really. From slicing cheese, to exploring cities and hiking mountains, you don’t realise how useful a knife is until you have it on you. It also gives you a little piece of mind that you may be able to defend yourself in the unlikely event of an attack or mugging.

5. Passport / Document WalletPassportsA passport wallet might not be classified as a ‘Gadget’ as such, but is a great addition to any overseas trip. I bought the Bellroy Passport Wallet and couldn’t be happier with it. It fits your passport and has plenty of space for large notes, tickets and cards. On top of this it has an inbuilt pen for those annoying arrival/departure cards, as well as a sim card pocket for any spare sim cards you might travel with.

What gadgets do find most useful when travelling?

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